Department of Offense is up!

Our new show, 'Department of Offense' is up and running! It was a lot of fun shooting it and even more fun writing it. We were able to get a lot more investors for it so we had more money to throw around. We made new friends and got to make a great show I know everyone will love! WE are now working on our next show for Vet Tv and its gonna be about life inside the barracks. So this is gonna be a good time!

Working on New Show

We are just about done wrapping up our new sketch show, 'Department of Offense' and we at Vet Tv couldn't be more proud. It will air February 21st. As of right now we are working on our next show, 'Bakar and Honafi' (Working title). It will be a mockumentry where we follow two ISIS fighters from California to Washington D.C. on an epic road trip where they fall in love with American culture. It is going to be epic!  

I Am Bad At Updating

So I have been sucking in the update department. But here is a quick run down. Season 1 of 'A Grunts Life' is a smash hit and got picked up by a Netflix! BOOM! And Vet Tvs new show will be airing December 13th, 'The Let Down' where I guest star on an episode wher eI play a very annoying and rude Male Porn Star. It was a lot of fun adn you get to see me get beat up. right now, I am help writing new sketches for their new sketch comedy show! Lots of good stuff in the works!


Season 1 of 'A Grunt's Life' and People love it!

So the first two episodes of my new show, 'A Grunt's Life' has dropped and people love it! I can not begin to tell you how proud and happy the way the product came out. Watch the first episode here on YouTube by clicking on the link! Then get your free trial at Enjoy!


Premiere of my new TV show, 'A Grunts Life'

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been so quiet lately. But I have been in Lake Elsinore, CA filming my new TV show 'A Grunts Life' for VET TV. I play Jason Crosson, a smart and sarcastic mortar man, who just calls everything and everyone out. It has been so much fun and it premieres in September on VET TV! I know you guys will enjoy it!   

In Other News

Hey there party people! I have been very busy the last few weeks. Besides being turned into a puppet for a web series, writing up new sketches for Pin-Up Squirrels, and kicking ass at Groundlings, and budget meetings for 'Eugene,' I have been hard at work with Dan for a new web series we are working on. also, just got cast in a horror movie that I get to play as a nerd who weilds an axe. So I am all down.

Free Groundlings Show

Hey everyone! If you are in the Los Angeles Area, next week on the 12th at 10pm, there will be a free Groundlings show with yours truly in it. Along me are some pretty incredible improvers. Love to see all of you there!

Another Busy Week

This week has been hectic with auditions and meetings. I have came up with an idea for a mini web series that my writing partner and I are in the early stages of putting together. Cant wait to share with you all!


Great night at VFT Meeting

The other night, I was honored to come to a town hall meeting for the VFT. Veterans in Television and Film. What a great organization to host such a wonderful meeting. Producers, Directors, Camerman, Actors and other great talents were all gathered together, exchanging business cards, drinking beer and participating in fellowship. All Veterans. All great. I had the opportunity to talk to many great people in the industry and take in their advice. I would hope, anyone reading this, would reach out to the VFT and look through their website and scroll through their directory of such great talent. Until we meet again, god bless! 


Changed the Character on me

Had an audition today. They sent me the sides for 'John' and I did my homework and prepared myself as best as I could. Then, when I get there, they go, "You know, you be a good 'Mark' " and gave me a whole different character and sides. I was a little thrown off. But I feel it went as well as it could

Today was a weird one

Had an audition today that went well. But the ones running the audition were a little unorganized, but had fun!

Audition for a Comedy!

Had an audition for a comedy today! It went well and here is 2 videos of my before the audition and after! 


My First Post!

Hey guys! Welcome to my first post! Here I will keep everyone updated with Improv shows, and whatever projects I got going on so you all can enjoy them! As of right now, just got cast in a horror flick (title pending) and mine and my writing partner Dan Csolak, feature film we wrote, 'Eugene' also got green lit!